During my studies at TU-Dresden i’ve been working on these projects below and also developed my favorite robot-project Balancing Robot called MarBot with the great help of the control system department TU-Dresden.

updated: 01.10.2016

A balancing robot is a interesting example in field of control system. Marmot-Robot briefly MarBot is a half autonomous robot with 2, 12V DC maxon geared motors with a quadrature encoder and a IMU (Accelerometer + Gyroscope) that can go forward, backward and turn while balancing. It uses 2 multidimensional Kalman-Filter to predict tilt angle of the robot and also the pose (acceleration, velocity, position) of the 2 wheels. I spent the last 3 years working on this project while studying.

As yet i’ve built 6 MarBots. The TU-Dresden as well as the UMIT Hall in Tirol Austria own 2 exemplar of the MarBot as a test station for education purpose.

MarBot in motion:

Parts list:

The Controller Motherboard Marboard v0 below is currently being in use on the robot, which is created with KiCad:

Drawing Drawing Drawing

The MarBoard v0 has been further developed and will be replaced soon with MarBoard v1.


State control simulation:

I used python for the kinematic simulation with numpy, sympy and also matplotlib.

Some pictures of the MarBot:

Drawing Drawing Drawing Drawing

I’m a great fan of South Park. Therefore i’ve put a little suit on MarBot.


Some technical drawing of the MarBot:

Drawing Drawing Drawing Drawing